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Tempus: The Claiborne's Signature Dementia (Memory) Care Program

Tempus is The Claiborne’s dynamic and engaging approach to providing care for our residents living with dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term for several diseases affecting memory, other cognitive abilities and behavior, such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, etc….  The name Tempus is Latin for time. Individuals living with dementia often live in their own reality, on their own timeline. In Tempus, that’s where we will meet them.

Our trained Tempus team provides personalized support to help reduce anxieties and encourage meaningful engagement. Activities are purposefully designed for those living with dementia to foster a greater sense of community and belonging.

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9511 Creekview Dr Baton Rouge, LA 70836

Individualized Support

We create personalized care plans with the help of loved ones to ensure each resident enjoys individualized care and attention. Our goal is to help seniors living with a dementia live as independently as possible while still having the around-the-clock care they need to know they are being watched over and supported. Within our secured community setting, your loved ones have their own dining room, spacious living areas, a secure landscaped courtyard and, of course, our unmatched attention and support.

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Two residents dancing at The Claiborne at Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
A resident smiling and holding a cane at The Claiborne at Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Two resident friends laughing at The Claiborne at Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.